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Solus' Hammer

The Solus' Hammer is a somewhat circumstantial maneuver but is infamous among neighboring countries for the heavy toll it can enact when used correctly. The formation was created in a moment of desperation by King Greenwild.



200 Cavalry, 10 Hellfire Engines, and 100 Heavy Infantry


The cavalry are equipped with heavy lances The hellfire engines are equipped with alchemist's fire The heavy infantry are equipped with magical fireproof armor and massive shields


Only a general may order a Solus' hammer. Specialized troops are called in from their respective positions to perform the operation. Before proceeding, the cavalry extends out in a thin layer before the heavy infantry, which protect the hellfire engines at the center.


The cavalry first performs a full frontal charge, focusing on the heaviest and most clumped flank in order to break the initial defenses. The heavy troops then move into the gap made by the cavalry. They force the disorientated soldiers back, widening the gap. The hellfire engines then open fire into the exposed and weakened enemy.

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