‘With one more glance to the glowing crystal data chip, Aroura commanded the console to play the data. Her screen instantly projected schematics, which she recognized all too well. They were the building plans of Frylis, and the man they faded into looked as alien to her as the life of Miras.'

Purpose / Function

Frylis was built as the last life boat of the Orisani, who were at war with the Elterramara and faced total annihilation. Its entire language, history, social and cultural structure was constructed and used by the few genetically altered Orisani chosen to inhabit it. They were sealed into the sphere and plunged a few hundred years back in time in terms of technological development. Frylis became the home world of the Frylisians, as the Orisani intended.


Frylis, in its long life, has only undergone minor repairs. The most ambitious undertaking anyone did in attempt to alter the place was to attempt the construction of a third metal sphere, to try and create more living space on the second sphere. While the third shell had been finished, it caused a collapse in the second shell, which wreaked havoc on 75 square miles of the inhabited first shell. As such, the hole was sealed off, the area evacuated, and deconstruction of the third shell began. After its deconstruction, and the clean-up of the inhabited area, life was able to return to normal. The only alterations since have been general repairs and modifications to make the sphere more energy efficient, and the addition of turrets on the second shell as part of an advanced security system. Space docks have also been added to Frylis.


Frylis is a giant metal sphere constructed around a star. The surface of that first sphere is treated very much like the surface of a planet and is used for dwelling, agriculture, and even has its own atmosphere and gravity. A secondary sphere encompasses the structure to keep everything in.


Frylis began as only a faint hope for survival in the minds of the Orisani as they faced the end of their people, but it was a hope realized. As the last of the Orisani perished by the Elterramara’s hands, those aboard the dyson sphere were looked over as genetically and physically different from the Orisani. The sphere was constructed well and weathered those first few centuries of cosmic battering, and the occasional engagement with alien species. Over time, it required repairs and expansion. A failed attempt to add a second inhabitable layer instead led to social restrictions regarding population size. As time progressed, Frylis advanced from being the home world of the Frylisians, to being the capitol world of an empire consisting of six solar systems.
Megastructure, Dyson Sphere
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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