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Moon Constitution


Born with a Moon Constitution, shamans are mystics gifted in the schools of perception and mental projection. Though they lack the conventional means of spellcasting, they are not to be underestimated. Shamans demolish their foes by attacking their minds, which hold a metaphysical dimension constructed based on a mystic's subconsciousness. It is there that shamans can turn the tables by manifesting their spirit form.  


  • Their spirit form allows them to overpower their enemies.
  • To make up for what they lack, shamans tend to excel at their weapon of choice.
  • They can detect things other constitutions cannot.
  • They can bend the will of their enemies.
  • They do not need to learn as many spells compared to the other constitutions. Much of their focus involves honing their mental fortitude.


  • They are unable to learn any spells involving evocation and arcane magic, which is why they lack the conventional means of spellcasting.
  • As such, they can be particularly vulnerable to sorcerers and priests, especially if they are outnumbered.
  • Mental projection requires high proficiency in magic to prevent them from passing out.
  • Shamans cannot detect the aura of mystics stronger than them and sometimes those that launder their mana to a medium.
  • They cannot attack more than one mind at a time.

Mental Projection

Soul String

If a shaman defeats their opponent inside the metaphysical plane, a string connecting their two souls form. This string gives the shaman the role of a puppeteer, enabling them to dictate the other person's actions. They can thus extract valuable information from their enemies, force them to commit suicide, or turn them against their allies. A soul string can be temporary or long-lasting, depending on the shaman's proficiency. It can sometimes even be permanent. However, a string can snap, causing the spell to break.

The enemy cannot directly die from a mental attack, and neither can the shaman. If the shaman is overpowered and sustain injuries that would have otherwise killed them, he or she will simply snap back to the physical world — the same way one wakes up from a dream before dying. Moreover, time runs differently between reality and the mind. What may be minutes inside a mental construct may only be a blink of an eye in the real world.

Spirit Form

Through astral projection, a shaman can shape-shift into an animal-like spirit. Its physiology grants them a variety of spells that they otherwise cannot use. Similar to Ethereal Flow, their spirit form further amplifies their reflex, agility, strength, and regeneration. They, unfortunately, cannot deal any physical damage in this state, which is why shamans must resort to mental projection. To unlock this ability, one must enter Bal'groth, a hellish realm linked by Mordrassil, and fuse their soul with a beast or a demon. Common variations include a wolf, owl, bear, horse, and sometimes a raven. Though the last one is reserved for the Ravenwoods only.


Aura/Magic Detection

Whether they like it or not, all mystics emit a certain aura. A person may try to cover their tracks, but shamans can nevertheless use this ability to sense the presence of magic. It is through this that they can differentiate between mystics and non-mystics while discerning their constitutions. They can also detect soul strings and sever them, at least the ones formed through mental projection.


Bloodstains from a mystic often leave traces of mana. Shamans can thus use reconstruction to examine the blood and envision the events that had occurred for a few seconds.


Some shamans can predict events a few seconds before it occurs. This can give them an opportunity to counter or evade an enemy's attack. In addition, they can sense the presence of danger within their vicinity or from the other end of their soul string.

Echelons of Magic

Origin Realm

Awakening their powers the shaman’s eyes will emit a cyan glow. At this stage, mental projection causes a shaman to pass out.

Mystic Realm

A glowing white ring surrounds their iris, and they can now learn a total of four spells. They no longer pass out and are usually strong enough to gain a spirit form.

Astral Realm

A second layer of ring surrounds the iris, and a maximum of six spells can be learned. In terms of abilities, they can hold multiple soul strings at a time.

Ethereal Realm

A white diagonal line runs across the pupils, and a maximum of eight spells can be learned. Because of their proficiency, a soul string can seem impossible to sever.

Cover image: Shaman by Mebashi


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