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Velvet Berries

The hanging gardens of City of Erudor are a marvel, feeding this massive desert city in a climate not known to be friendly to food crops or plant life of any kind.   One of the shining jewels of these gardens are velvet berries. They trail in big clusters down from earthsand towers, their sheen diffused in the hot sun, the way they catch the light resembling deep velvet. They are overwhelmingly juicy, with a bright berry flavor, and an aftertaste of chocolate cake with sweet cream, and are known to be just the pick me up for when you're feeling under the weather.   The majority of the crops may go to market in the city, but there's an unwritten rule that if you are less than an adult and can reach it, you can pluck and eat it. Velvet berries have a long growing season, but peak harvest is in Trusummer.
In the real world, Velvet Berry is the Apothecary's July lip butter flavor of the month • Sweet Cream, Strawberry & Red Velvet Cake
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Current Location
Widely available in Erudor for about half of the year, all of the city's crops are sold exclusively in Erudor markets. That being said, velvet berry jam is available throughout Asgard, and on wealthy tables in some other kingdoms.
Each berry gives 1d4 HP, Jam restores 2d4+2 HP


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