The Reuzel District

Although the underdark City of Lossam has long been lost to the monsters, that doesn't mean it isn't a cool place to rather depends on your perspective. It may be rugged and rocky, but if you're a spiky creature of the eternal night, the Reuzel District of Lossam is incredibly happening.   The music is raucous and loud, the fashion is as eclectic and handcrafted as it is likely to draw blood, and life is lived with vigor. The streets and alleys are filled with a lively, creative mix with any number of limbs and eyes, heads and tails, in every color of the rainbows they have never seen here in the underdark.   There are more creatures and monsters drawn to this mountain from elsewhere in the Realm than anywhere else, but the elves have little idea the migration is more due to the concerts and art shows than...whatever it is they think monsters do. That being said, the less the performance art is described, the better.
Here in the real world, Reuzel grew from a single oil-based pomade made in a Rotterdam barbershop by barber punks to an expansive line of essential grooming products. Reuzel (pronounced ROO-ZELL) has been a fixture at Beardsgaard since the beginning. With formulas for everyone from greasers to punks to businessfolk to teens, Reuzel has you covered.
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