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Nectar Noir

In Branben Castle perched atop Mount Blackfyre on the border between Asgard and Muspelheim the nectar most prized by the gods is roasted for brewing in its final destination by the high seat of Fire God House Brand. It fortifies the body, making you feel a bit like a Fire God, if you aren't one already.   In these border mountains are a variety of stubby, heavily thorned bushes that produce rock hard, palm-sized black pods that look like dark beetles, harvested most plentifully in Falautumn.   When roasted and ground by the immense heat and pressure of an active volcano, the brew it produces is an elixir prized by the gods, with hints of black honey and currant, crowned by a creamy foam produced by the brewing process. Anyone else with enough coin to get their hands on the roasted and crushed pods, but it's a luxurious treat indeed.
In the real world, Nectar Noir is the Apothecary's November lip butter flavor of the month • Bavarian Cream, Espresso & Black Honey Tobacco
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Current Location
Only made in one place, but widely sold and distributed, though the price is high.
Advantage on CON saves for 1 hour


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