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Kringle Nacht Candy

In the far north of Jotunheim a dreamy chocolate peppermint candy confection rich with vanilla is made that both tiny giants and the full grown sort go absolutely feral for in Newwinter, the final month of the year. Despite its coolness, it warms the spirit, and makes the cold feel a bit less so.   Although it is cooked up in most general stores and many homes in the waning year, nowhere is it as delicious as in the north of the kingdom, especially the variety made at Wandering Oakenben's Trading Post at the foot of frozen Mount Arendelle.
In the real world, Kringle Nacht is the Apothecary's December lip butter flavor of the month • Bittersweet Chocolate, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla & Indian Peppermint
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Current Location
Traditionally made in one month of the year, mostly in the north of the most isolated kingdom in the world, but in that place and at that time, it is widely available.
Add 1d4 to saves against cold damage for 10 minutes


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