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Drunken Embers Cake

In the southeast of Midgard, just at the beginning of The Hook at the foot of the Muspelheim mountains, lies a quiet village known as Maer. The founding family of the town has set up bakeries in many corners of Midgard, but nowhere else but Maer can they make their Fire Bread (kept moist by bananas mashed with rum and set ablaze before being added to the batter), baked underground in the hot beach sands in a cast iron kettle.   Maer may not know much of seasons, but they do mark the beginning of Truwinter with a small sweet version of their bread, soaked in bourbon, and topped with whipped marshmallow, toasted by the hot sands. Being set aflame just before serving is a tradition meant to bring light and warmth to those in the Realm that do not have those things at this time of year, and fortify one's own spirit for the coming year.
In the real world, Drunken Embers is the Apothecary's January lip butter flavor of the month • Bourbon, Bananas Foster & Toasted Marshmallow
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Current Location
Only made at one time of the year, in one little village in Midgard, but they are sometimes sold to other southern coastal settlements.
Add 2d6 temporary hit points


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