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Destruction Míresgal

One of nine stones of power made for the first created of each of the nine Prime beings, inside a mote of the gold and silver sparks, the breath of the creator, a pinch of earth of the land that first being called home, and a drop of their blood.   The stones contain the power of their people, allowing even those without overt magic ability, but who are of the species belonging to the stone (as well as the genetic descendants of that species), to invoke the stone's element out of nothingness. But any who touch the stone NOT of the blood have the power turned back on them in unpleasant ways, if the being in question survives at all.  
Night Elf
Species | Nov 14, 2023

The Night Elves of the moon and the fall in the dead shadowy woods of Svartalfheim

Miresgal Amber.jpg
The Powers of the Night Elves
  Element: Destruction   The Night Elves are the bringers of the dusk, of the autumn and the bounty it provides as the plants live their final days, and of death itself, a natural part of life as the creation of it. All Night Elves have a talent with matters of darkness and death, but they live in harmony of those elements rather than have detailed control of them. They work together with the Day Elves, and like them fine, even if they are entirely too talkative and peppy. They do good work. Like the Vanir, whom they respect and are in some awe of, they draw a few alternate powers from the Gaw.
Item type
Creation Date
0 AF
Current Location
Current Holder
Related Condition
2 oz (usually)
2 inches oval (usually)
First given to Duvainil of the Dusk, the First Night Elf


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