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Bronzed Apples

Fruit trees aren't exactly plentiful in the mountains of Nidavellir, but there are some pockets of them that grow over the temperate and protected but still sunny valleys and slopes, especially in the south in the Gwastar Mountains of Sarn Hollow.   In an eastern valley of The Track, the perfect conditions settle in for arguably the most delectable apple in the Realm, Bronzed Apples. When they ripen in the cooler days of Truautumn, they develop a chewy skin that tastes of caramel and melts in your mouth, while their flesh has a deep sweetness reminiscent of brown sugar.   Maybe they're why the Gnomes of the hollow are so wise, making the most ingenious solutions out of the oldest of technology.
In the real world, Bronzed Apple is the Apothecary's October lip butter flavor of the month • Caramel Apple & Brown Sugar
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Current Location
Bronzed Apples do not keep very long when they reach peak ripeness, so they don't ship far, but they are distributed through Sarn Hollow and to the capitol, as well as Óleryd Castle.
Advantage on WIS checks and saves for 1 hour


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