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The Tacitus Facility

The headquarters of The Abscondi, it's location kept secret and distant from the nations of Antir. It's place lies deep in the Underdepths, in a vast cavern that runs 300 to 400 metres high from the waters surface, and that spans a kilometre across. Its true depth is unknown, though it certainly reaches as deep as 800 metres. The black water that sits here is still, frighteningly so, and when disturbed it ripples far less than that of normal water.   The top of the cavern is covered in vines that dangle and criss-cross, with circular woven huts that hang barely attached to the roof, with vine and rope bridges interlinking the small spherical houses to each other, and eventually, an entrance to the main facility. Covering this cavern roof are glow worms and tiny crystals, making it appear like a small galaxy cluster, only far smaller.   The cavern has a single entrance tunnel above the water level and on the far side of the cavern from this; is a dock carven out of the stone, large enough for a single trireme, and a large stone doorway beyond it.   This entire side of the cavern is covered in the stone carven windows and baloneys that belay the inside, they stretch hundreds of meters up to the entrance for the woven ceiling huts, and across by the same measure. Through the great doorway is a vast hall lined with pillars that reach over a hundred metres in height, and at the rear ends a vast amphitheatre-lecture style area hewn into the rock.   The entire facility has hundreds of rooms and hallways, and a vast array of areas for use by its inhabitants;
  • Fungal Caverns
  • Herbal and Fruit Greenhouse/Orchards
  • Alchemy Labs
  • Training Grounds (Close & Ranged)
  • Ninja/Acrobatics Training Course
  • Coral & Seaweed Farms
  • Underwater Training Area
  • Metals Mine & Lab
  • Blacksmith & Tailors
  • Animal Handling Area
  • Necromantic Cavern
  • Occultist and Summoning Room
  • Library:
  • Histories
  • Culinary Arts
  • Languages
  • War Machines/Weapons
  • Technology
  • Lectures are held often and for the benefit of all the initiates here. Including:
  • Khasmari Artifacts
  • Underdepths Abyssal (Ocean Depths) Ecology
  • The Art of Survival - Icy Blizzards & Temperature Control
  • Type

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