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Tececa Oasis

Situated in the south-eastern part of the Spectral Desert, this oasis is often a rest stop for the caravans that cross the sand and rock wastes of this part of Antir. A small ruins sits on one side of the oasis, from a bygone time when the sea wasn't tamed by the massive merchant fleets of Zaresca, and the desert caravans were a staple of trade.   Nonetheless, a small outpost exists here, with an inn, market, and some tiny fields of crops around the oasis.


The water here is crystal clear and clean, and shows similar properties to that that comes out of the Gateway spring in the Kamawacha River. This means the oasis water is rich in minerals and nutrients, making it of use in healing and growing plants or crops. Some fish have made their way here, though whether they were put here by people passing through, or they arrived here naturally, no one knows.
Alternative Name(s)
Wanderer's Waystation
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Owning Organization
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