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Spectral Desert

The desert covers much of the Trade League of Zaresca, with the Tececa Oasis in the south-eastern region.   Myth and rumour surround the desert, known for its shifting dunes and many mirages. It has been known to swallow whole caravans and outposts in a sea of sand, some only to be revealed again hundreds or thousands of years later.


The desert isn't completely covered with shifting dunes, but rather most of the desert is actually drylands or bare red and orange rock. It has a number of sub-regions and biomes, including; hot and dry desert, semi-arid desert, and coastal desert. The myth and names surrounding the "shifting sands" are for the small dunes simply disappearing, turned to just bare rock, rather than a sea of dunes shifting and moving. The whole area is exceedingly flat and level, the only major change in elevation being at the coastal cliffs characteristic of this area of Antir.
Alternative Name(s)
The Shifting Sands
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