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Pulvis Pods

Pulvis Pods are a small plant that grows in cold but clean waters, such as the glacial fed waters of Lake Ostravia. They are only about 20cm in diameter, and have a felt like texture. They have between 3 to 6 spikes that are rubbery, but filled with a toxin to keep predators at bay.    Their real danger however, is inside the pods. They contain a fine powder which is highly volatile when exposed to air, which surrounds the fire resistant hard seed in the centre. They have a fragile skin, and when ruptured, this powder will cause a significant explosion. This was an adaptation against a now extinct predator, that was believed to live on the lake shores and dive to get the pods, bringing them to the surface to eat. The change from being underwater to open air was often enough to break the skin on the pods. Nowadays, the skin ruptures happen to the divers of Ostravia when they surface with the baskets of pods.
Scientific Name
Artiqua Pulvis
Geographic Distribution


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