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Nore is a ward district beneath Ceter, and is the main supply depot for the capital.   Nore is entered via a grand stairway on the side of the main plaza in Ceter (to the right when entering from the main gate). The stairway descends to a small ferry-dock beneath this plaza, with ships that take the rapidly flowing Underdepth rivers further down to Nore. The descent is pitch black as the ships speed down the cave, until eventually levelling out, with a great crash from the ships in the water. Once the cave levels out, green crystals line the wall and glow to illuminate the darkness. These are Illis Crystals, first discovered by Captain Illis. The cave opens into a cavern with a low ceiling, covered by stalactites. Embedded in certain points are large versions of the Illis Crystals, lighting the whole cavern. The ships can usually only just fit in the tight space of the cavern. Unlike on the lake above (in Ceter), this cavern isn’t criss-crossed with wooden bridges, instead the buildings are built against the walls, and in clumps, so as to leave large gaps of canals for the ships to sail through. In the centre of the cavern is a pillar that reaches to the roof. The pillar is made of a substance that absorbs all fire and heat that hits it. Currently, it is the only known source of the substance, named Igni-rock, or Fire-rock.


No central authority exists within Nore, and it instead acts as a Ward for the Council of Captains from Ceter.

Industry & Trade

The main trade in Nore is the importing of food for Ceter, and the exporting of goods made all over the Free Republic of Ceter, including the exotic and rare deep sea fish of Harpang.
Alternative Name(s)
The Pirate Cavern
Related Ethnicities
Inhabitant Demonym
Noran (Ceterese)
Characters in Location

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