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A language that has grown out of the original mixing of a number of people, trading partners, and regions. This has given it a wide range of root languages, that are easier for the native speakers to learn. This helps ease trade, and has furthered the language's reach, giving it a large number creoles too, like the ones shared with Orkun, Seratan, and Ostravian.   When written, all language is written on sculptures and statues, carven in. The specific statue or sculpture is relevant to the topic or area, for example; a ships cargo for trade, would have its cargo contents and value carven into a small wooden sculpture of a pier/dock containing a few cargo boxes. The voyages and destinations of the ships would be carven into the prow, over their sculpture of crashing waves. These sculptures can be traded, like books, or used as logs and records. The size of the sculpture can determine its grandeur, value, and importance. The carvings themselves are more like hieroglyphics, where certain symbols can mean a single thing; like a rectangle with two small circles in the centre (representing the twin stars), that symbolises time passed. The size of the rectangle or the amount of rectangles around the stars can signify the length of time needed or passed.
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