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"Bearded. Scottish accent. Pirate Captain. What more could you want?"   His ship, the Hells Piranha, houses two of the Ceterese's most advanced weaponry in the prow of the ship; prototype bombards. Giant alchemical cannons that utilise a potent mix of rare elements and mechanical pieces to create an explosion of fire that is semi-controlled, at best, which then gets infused and enhanced with arcane magic. The ship itself has twin masts, reaching some 15 metres into the sky, flying reinforced silk sails. The timber used was imported from the Jarldom of Havdir to use the strongest of their hardwoods, making the ship one of the newest and sturdiest in all of Antir. The prow has carved piranhas spiralling in a swarm, up and around the bowspirit. When the cannons blow, they reveal the ships reason for being named so.   Illis himself is in his prime, and is renowned and loved by many for his fearless attitude and reckless nature, a virtue adored by the Ceterese.

Mental characteristics


Works for both the University of Ceter and the governing body of the Free Republic of Ceter.
Current Location
Year of Birth
2318 PA 42 Years old
Rust Ginger

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