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The Ceterese occupy a small corner of Antir, and are a very pirate-like people. They have thus become accomplished seafarers and are often regarded well by the Havdirian. This has meant the small amount of land owned by them, causes little problems, since most food and life is ocean-based.   They tend to be more rowdy and loud, compared to others, but also much more welcoming and open to outsiders. It has been known for the Ceterese to have decent relations, even trade, with the more ostracised groups; such as the Haamorans.


Major language groups and dialects

Seratan is the main language spoken, with regional dialects such as Noran Seratan (from Nore) and Harpun Seratan (from Harpang). Everyone also speaks Antirian as a second language.

Culture and cultural heritage

A major festival celebrated in all Ceterese lands, is the Luna Festival of the Ocean. In the central plaza of Ceter, a dance takes place under the moonlight, during the middle of the second summer each year. The celebration includes burning incense and drinking spiced rum in offering to the twin powers of the moon and oceans. The festivities end with a mass sleep-out in the plaza, with blankets provided by the Council of Captains as a gesture of their care for the people.   The growing population of the country has seen to the discussions of creating a new plaza-complex that would accommodate the entire population, but concern arises over the placement of such an expansive area, which would most likely need to be outside of the cities creaking and ageing walls.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

The Ceterese culture stems from the old pirate traditions that continue through to today's time. This gives rise to the nautical based customs and traditions observed in their lands, such as their coming of age "ritual" which consists of drinking spiced rum whilst walking along the side of a ship in open ocean.

Historical figures

Cetari is seen as the father of all Ceterese. He founded the Free Republic of Ceter that today spans vast waterways across Antir.
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