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Magistrate-Captain and Founder Cetari Telapha (a.k.a. Cetari)

Cetari is often prefixed with Magistrate-Captain, and he is revered by the Ceterese. His ship remains preserved in the University of Ceter. Cetari was named after the ancient word for 'waterfall' in Seratan, for where he was born.   He travelled both the oceans of the surface and the waterways of the Underdepths with whomever would join him on his daring ventures, leaving behind a legacy of exploration and braving the unknown, as well as that of acceptance and freedom for all, especially those that revelled in the same lifestyle.

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

Founder of the City and University of Ceter and the Free Republic of Ceter.
2003 PA 2078 PA 75 years old
Aligned Organization

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