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Wreth McKay

(a.k.a. Black Smoke)

Wreth McKay (born 19 Mythwen 2404 ME) is a Paladin Nekyomancer Junior Inspector in the Central Sunland Inspectorate and former Reservist in the Monotherium Army and Free Plateau Army. Born an orphan in the Desert Lands city of Jih'thar, McKay spent his early child in an orphanage, on the streets, and, later, sold into slavery. He was lucky enough to be sold to a Nekyomancer who took him to the Nekyopolis where he became one of the few Mortal Nekyomancers. After the Trapolarin declaration he left the order and fought for the Monotherium in the Tricorne War as a member of the SuSkHe Squad. Well regarded for his knowledge and skills, after the war he was assigned to the task force to aprehend suspected war criminals, and later became an Inspector. McKay is well respected both for his polite demeanour and service during the war. However, his crippling social anxiety and developmental disorder have prevented this respect becoming popularity.



Wreth McKay was found as a baby in the slums of Jih'thar in the Desert Lands on the 19th of Mythwen 2404 ME. Taken in by the city orphanage McKay's upbringing was harsh, the children of the orphanage were often beaten and the poverty of the time meant they often went without food. This was especially difficult for McKay as he was born with an undiagnosed with a developmental disorder which impaired his communication and cognitive abilities. At the age of ten he ran away from the orphanage and took the name Wreth McKay (Wreth from a misspelling of the word wreath from a nearby botanists, and McKay from the street he was on at the time). He barely managed to survive, but thanks to his quick learning abilities he was able to keep ahead of the criminals he lived among even though he couldn't communicate properly. Despite being naturally weedy he was very fast and strong.
At the age of twelve he was kidnapped by the scrleon slaving band. He was branded on his back with the slaving group's mark, and forced, alongside many other slaves, to march through the desert with little water and without adequate protection. Many of them died before the reached the slave pits of Haah. Wreth was first put to work in the quarries before he was selected for the auction. He was purchased by the travelling Nekyomancer Mark Aubrien who detected the boy's potential at Magick.
Aubrien freed the McKay and took him with him back to the Nekyopolis. Along the way he taught McKay how to communicate properly in both Polarin and his native Sana. With patient and kindness McKay opened up to Aubrien and began to develop basic social and communicative skills.  


Arriving at the city of death at age fourteen. McKay was placed with the other novices and taught the basics of Nekyomancer theory and mathematics. He excelled in this educational matters, and showcased his intellect which bettered many of his peers and even some of his teachers. At the age of twenty he began training in the Nekyomancer Magicks, despite being a Mortal he took to the Magick which infected his soul and activated the repressed genes in his body. Despite his social awkwardness and educational skills he took easily to the practical aspects of Nekyomancer Magick. Deciding to become a paladin instead of a priest despite his natural intelligence and weak body made everyone surprised, but during the years of his training he showcased his skills in combat, defeating many larger and more skilled opponents more than three times his age.
During his studies he was taken under Aubrien's wing he trained him in the paladin Magicks of the Nekyomancers. McKay became familiar with all four of the paladin techniques and trained to use them devastatingly, particularly body smoke and recycled obsidian techniques which complemented his light body.
Despite his power he was never considered a high-ranking member of the temple both due to his anti-isolationism, outsider origin, and diagnosed autism. Though he was respected for his power and intelligence even if he wasn't liked.
After his graduation he forged his hollow in the cold forge in the depths of the city. He made pair the thin golden bangles.
In many ways McKay exemplified the typical Nekyomancer at the time: closed off, enraptured by study, and an unwillingness to make friends. However, unlike them much of that was to do with his developmental disorder, there is some evidence to suggest that he was still enraptured by the outside world and would always volunteer for missions outside of the city when many paladins had to be forced.
McKay's one-hundred and seventy years at the Nekyopolis passed uneventfully. Despite the cut throat politics that surrounded him he refused to be part of it, only the support of Aubrien and his own non-threatening demeanour saved him during that time. Though when he was directly challenged he showed that he was more than a match for any of the other paladins and few of the priests could argue philosophy or religion with him.
His skills and unassuming demeanour made many of the priests suspect that he was the Dark One. However they soon dismissed this due to the fact that he matched few of the prophecies except his outsider status and his skills.
All of this changed in 2581 ME. With the Elementium's destroyed and many of the Magick cabals being forced to open and tearing themselves apart as a result, the Nekyomancer's feared a similar result especially with Polarin nationalism on the rise, they feared the Nekyopolis would be discovered and that they would be destroyed. McKay was one of the few who argued that the Nekyopolis should be opened up and that the Nekyomancers should hold a referendum to decide who to support. This was driven by McKay belief that they couldn't just sit by and let innocents die for nothing. He attempted this arguments before the Androphis, which failed. The leadership of the Nekyomancers stripped McKay of his rights and privileges and tried to have him executed. However, thanks to his former teacher, Aubrien, he escaped.  

Life at War

Excommunicated from the Nekyopolis, McKay was press ganged into service by the Monotherium army, which suited him just fine.
He was arrested shortly after the Trapolarin declaration, but freed shortly thereafter although he wasn't trusted by many in his regiment and was shifted from platoon to platoon often. The name of black heart stuck to him fiercely. For the next 20 years he served dutifully even if he made few friends and was regarded with suspicion given his background and lack of social skills. Because he was moved around so much to prevent dissension in the ranks he served on almost every theatre of war for the Monotherium. He was regarded as a fine Reservist, a skilled fighter, and remarkably intelligent, but lacking in the most basic human social abilities.
This all changed in 2601 ME when, during the siege of Stonewall, he snuck into the Rainbow Guard's camp and fought their commander Commodore Wellen HeathFarm, killing him, this created chaos in the Guards ranks and allowed the Monotherium to break the siege. Although this got McKay a disciplinary due to acting without orders. It also placed him on a list being compiled by Captain Mayers Sandcair of people who could battle the Admirals.
Four years later Mayers, promoted to Colonel, took McKay off his beleaguered commanding officers command and he joined the Suicide Skulls Head (SuSkHe) Squad. Although there were some teething problems in his new squad, as they went on missions and started bonding McKay began to grow close to the nine other members of the squad, beginning to view them as friends. As this went on he slowly came for out of his shell and developed greater social skills. It was these people who taught him how to interact with members of the opposite sex for more than just conversation, and how to speak up and do what he had to not because he had to but because he wanted to. He became particularly close to Dorn Ruadonn and Levitus Succoro, fellow members of SuSkHe.
During the war he fought against members of the Armada but was not renown for any battles where he defeated them, although it happened on a few occasions. Mostly he backed up squad mates who were stronger fighters.
In 2641 ME he planted the bomb that blew up part of Pan Tradier as part of Operation Pickaxe and attempted to assassinated Admiral Jon Maeker at the same time on orders from Oxcisor leader Samantha Preen. He was unsuccessful in the attempt and just managed to escape in the chaos after the explosion.
Following Succoro's death in 2648 ME McKay started to request leave more and more, and even spent periods of time AWOL. Many believed that he was suicidal and depressed as he began to withdraw from his friends and missions. Some reports started he devoted more time to his religion and studying than he had before. In 2653 ME he was granted a year of mental health leave and disappeared. Reappearing a year later just before Succoro's return.
Starting in 2655 ME McKay once again came under suspicion with the appearance of Admiral Theise, another Nekyomancer. However, these suspicions were eventually cleared as McKay started to engage Theise in battle and was seemingly the only one who could fight the unstoppable juggernaut to a draw. This meant McKay was ordered onto all high-profile battlefields. These constant battles began to take a strain at McKay's mental health and he broke down at least four times. Despite the clear psychological distress he continues to fight and began to regress further and further.
In 2686 ME McKay was captured by the Armada and imprisoned in Pan Tradier. Despite rescue attempts mounted by his fellow members in SuSkHe and an added search by the Oxcisor he was unable to be found, and both attempts failed.
After fifteen years of imprisonment he managed to escape and was met by Succoro in a small village in northern Sunland. The two men managed to fight off pursuers sent by Admiral Emma James and make it back to Free Plateau Army headquarters. McKay spent the next few years recovering from his ordeal at the hands of his captors, though he did manage to partake in several missions with his squadmates, his friends did comment that he did seem back to his old self.
In the five years after his escape his mental health had improved sufficiently enough that he was able to fight at Mirth Dance and was even part of the team that took down Admiral Jon Maeker alongside fellow SuSkHe squad members Kasar Kwaan and Yukobe Azragetti, shortening the siege of Pan Tradier to a mere two days rather than the predicted month.  

New Age

In 1 AW, with the advent of a new age, a new government, and reconstruction McKay was included along with other former SuSkHe members (Janet Xavier, Levitus Succoro, Alistair Roach, Mayers Sandcair, and Dorn Ruadonn) in a task force to investigate and arrest any and all suspected war criminals of the past conflict.
During an investigation led by Succoro into concentration camps organised by the Oxcisor as part of the Fourth Purge; McKay, Succoro, and Ruadonn arrested Oxcisor leader Samantha Preen. During this time McKay became acquainted with Oxcisor member and informant Aimee Maeker. According to reports the two became involved in a short romance that had ended by 10 AW. He remained in the task force until it was short down by order of then Secretary for Internal Security Hast Meies and he was discharged from the military. He was awarded the Steal Seal alongside the other members of the SuSkHe, and was offered both the Blue Bowl and the Order of High Distinction, he refused both for unknown reasons.
With his honourable discharge McKay was now with a job, a home, or a purpose. He couldn't return to the Nekyopolis as the Trapolarin declaration had made certain the Nekyomancer's would be left alone. In 11 AW Succoro invited him to live with him in his house and join the Central Sunlands Inspectorate. Beginning as a Rookie Inspector and Succoro's partner, he was promoted to Junior Inspector in the 40's.
In Junver 83 AW Succoro adopted his niece Guinevere Bellows who's parents had recently passed (Symon Bellows and Ivy Hedger). Although McKay always suspected that there was more to the story he never pried, instead he remained silent and raised the young Ginger as his own, this gave both men a sense of great happiness. Many commented that McKay seemed happier, now that he had a real purpose again. It was also during this time that he joined the Socialist Party, feeling it was his civic duty now that he was a parent.


McKay is exactly 6 foot and weighs 107 lbs. He is described as being weedy looking, made to look even more so by the voluminous Nekyomancer robes he wears, some even describe him looking like a black snowball. Under the robes he usually wears a dark long sleeve t-shirt and sweatpants which are both tight on his thin body. He also wears his hollow, a set of four gold bangles, around both wrist and ankle. His skin is the bronze typical of someone from the Desert Lands. His eyes are a common watery grey with the gold ring being the only symbol of his true lineage of a noble. His hair, black with grey streaks, is naturally spiky and unruly. He is described as having a soft oval face with a certain amount of puppy fat that makes him look younger than he actually is. His wide eyed and pointed nose has often meant he is described as cute.  


Socially awkward and supremely intelligent, McKay is believed to suffer from a developmental disorder (most likely autism). His intelligence is so great that he often sees connections that he doesn't understand, being able to solve most cases that he works on once presented will all the information. Even the most formidable of logic or scientific puzzles is no match for his mind. However, he has very few social skills, this though waxes and wanes depending on his emotional state. Due to the nature of his disorder he is sometimes overstimulated by stimuli and social situations to the extent that he will shut down to process all the information. This shutting down has been used to his advantage to help put together information and solve cases.
Thanks to his friends over the past two hundred years he has come more and more out of his shell and has gained some semblance of social skills even if he is still awkward. He has made a great deal of progress to "normalcy" even if he does backslide occationally.
Other than his awkwardness McKay is regarded as warm and friendly, is open to anyone and fascinating to talk to. Most of his friends and loved ones adore him, such as his adopted daughter Ginger Bellows. Underneath of this though is a hidden darkness and addiction that he only distracts with cigarettes.  



McKay is a Nekyomancer of the Paladin order. He is a master of all four of the paladin techniques, able to produce and manipulate a liquid of pure blackness at will. He has such control over the blackness that he can manipulate multiple different tendrils with each limb and being able to effortless slide between forms making him near impervious to damage through the use of the Body Smoke form. His skill and timing at using the Black Smoke form granted him the nickname Black Smoke during the war.
While he was always regarded as a mediocre Nekyomancer, his battle prowess and skills during the Tricorne War have proven this view incorrect, especially given he is one of the few to give Theise pause in battle. He is often regarded as a tricky fighter often coming up with new ways to avoid and attack opponents in the moment. Many regard his powers as cheating, especially since he can (in order) use Body Smoke to avoid an attack, Coal Octopus to attack with long tendrils which become blades with Recycled Obsidian, and then can shoot out to attack a group of targets with Shooters Onyx. This combination of his own martial arts, light weight, invulnerability, and ability to attack with a variety of weapons at numerous ranges, makes him a formidable opponent.
Due to his appearance and personality many are quick to dismiss him. They are soon shown the error of their ways.  

Physical Attributes

In conjunction with his light weight and Magick Mckay can deliver swift and strong blows. Often fighting dexterously with his feet. His reliance on dodging, kicks, and jumping are based on fighting opponents heavier than himself (which most of them are). Although light, McKay is quick on his feet and makes up the lack of strength with speed of delivery.
McKay is regarded as a skilled fighter despite his appearance, and more than makes up for his lack of weight and strength with pure skill and speed. Many fighters who rely primarily on strength (Dorn Ruadonn, Levitus Succoro, Alistair Roach, Tiarna Liathfaesog, amongst others) have admitted how annoying it would be to fight McKay.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Junior Inspector
Year of Birth
9602 AR 398 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Abandoned soon after his birth
(Unknown) Jih'thar, Desert Lands
Current Residence
146 Secmand Way, Council Conurbation, Conurbation, Sunlands
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Cisgender Male
Watery Grey with a gold ring
Short black with flakes of grey
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
107 lbs
Known Languages
Sana, Polarin, and Rivush

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