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(a.k.a. Crimson Eye)

Elwin Nirvanus (born 1 Gam 2351 AA) commonly known by his moniker Antagon, is a Born Seer and Red Palate revolutionary and former leader of the Armada of Truth. Being a member of the Old Faith, he took a left-wing revolutionary view to the religions teachings (known as Utopianism) and determined to bring about his world view. Originally committed to peacefully spreading his message, during the Bleak Recession he became radicalised by the perceived incompetence of the Monotherium and determined that it would need to be overthrown by force. His march on Danst, and his subsequent murder of Regent Kragen IV, led to the Tricorne War. With him at the head of the Armada as its Fleet Admiral, the Armada succeeded in conquering much of the Plateau. Following an aborted peace talks with the Monotherium leadership he destroyed the Palacetown decapitating the Monotherium's leadership. Following this and the decisive battle of Jon's Gambit, Antagon and the Armada briefly ruled most, if not all, of the Plateau for a short period of time. However, he was never able to act with his new found power as he was soon after defeat at the battle of Mirth Danc by the Free Plateau Army. Arrested and found guilty at the Danst Trial. He was selected for special treatment due to his powers and was imprisoned in a special prison built specifically to withhold his powers. Since then he has remained a model prisoner despite the restrictions placed upon him, and remains content to grow flowers and build his shack.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Supreme Admiral of the Armada of Truth (former)
biologically 3217
Date of Birth
1st of Gam 2351 AA
Avient, Anviencist, Ancient Empire
Current Residence
Antagon's Prison, Valley Hames, Riverwood, Sunland
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Cisgender Male
Mix of Green and Blue
Long, brown, and curled
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
171 lbs
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Rivush, Old Tongue, New Tongue, and Sana

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