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The Wicker Witch - Chapter One

There once was a young girl who lived in a village deep in the forest. Her village was poor in gold but rich in heart and as such she never went a day without feeling loved by those around her. She was slender for her age but rode horses better than some of the adults, a fact which she took pride in and earned her the nickname Filly.
One day while Filly was exploring the woods around her village she came across an unkept grove that was so overgrown with vines that it might have been mistaken for a berry garden except these vines bore no fruit and the walls they hung from were in obvious disrepair. Curious, she led her mount deeper into the grove which became more and more difficult as her horse became increasingly reluctant to continue. It was her horse's behavior that made her realize the stillness of this place. This ancient grove was totally silent to the point where even the breeze seemed to not dare disturb it. The familiar sound of birds chirping and insects buzzing was nowhere to be found here which made Filly consider that she might ought take their advise. Before she could act on such a thought a creaky voice reached out to her:
"It's been so long since I've had a visitor up this far", it said.
Upon hearing the voice Filly's mare spooked and began to dart away, knocking her from her saddle. Fear gripped her then as she watched her trusted steed bolt away at full speed.
"I'm afraid that animals don't seem to enjoy my company much", the voice said, "it's such a shame too, I could use a new familiar"
Filly snapped her eyes to where the voice was originating and saw the oldest woman she had ever seem. She stood almost a foot shorter than Filly with a large unsightly hunch and was covered from head to foot in wrinkles. Her skin was grey to the point of lacking any flesh tone at all and her cheeks were sunken in hinting at her lack of teeth which when put together made her look like a corpse. Both of her knobby hands were clenched around the head of a short and crooked cane which seemed to be supporting much of her weight.
"Come here, child", the elderly woman commanded.
"Who...who are you?", Filly stammered.
"Just an old hermit who likes the peace of the forest", she replied tiredly, "Now come here will you?"
Hesitantly, Filly approached the woman, "What's your name? Mine's Melody but everyone calls me Filly"
"I was known as Gretta once but it has been years since I've been called that, you say they name you after a horse? How did that come to be?"
"I got practiced at riding", Filly bragged.
"My apologies for scaring away your namesake then"
"I'm sure it wasn't your fault, she just gets scared sometimes is all"
"Well please take this then to make it up to you", the old woman said as she reached into her apron pockets and produced a small wicker doll wearing a simple hempen dress. Some strange yellow animal fur was used for its hair and two rose petals were sewn on as eyes.
Filly plucked it from her hand and began to turn it over and examine it, "Thank you Ma'am but I'm afraid this won't help me get home"
"Your horse will be waiting at the entrance to this grove, helping herself to the undergrowth I'd imagine"
Filly glanced back the way she had ridden to get here but before she could thank the woman again she realized that she was alone, with only the doll to remind her of that strange encounter.


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