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The Mournlands

The Mournlands (formerly Cyre) is a bordered area within the continent of Khorvaire. Not officially a nation, the Mournlands is classified in the Treaty of Thronehold as "a geopolitical no-man's-land matching the exact bounds and area as the former nation of Cyre". This description has been criticized as being an overly clinical and cold one for the the former nation that is now covered in a strange arcane mist which is the result of a cataclysmic event known as the Mourning. The fate of the millions of Cyrans that did not escape that day is still unknown as of 998 YK.


Once the proud nation of Cyre and the center of the Galifar Empire, the Mournlands is now an abandoned and mysterious wasteland covered in a wall of mist that extends at least 1,000 ft. high and completely encompasses the former nation, border to border. Military excursions into the Mournlands are forbidden by the Treaty of Thronehold, as are any civilian exploratory or thrill-seeking missions. The only allowed travel (legally speaking) are for scientific purposes with the sole intent being understanding what caused the Mourning.   In the six years since the event, rumors and myths of the fate of those trapped inside have begun to swirl, ranging from the relatively mild thought that the Mourning is keeping people alive, but near catatonic, to the thoroughly ridiculous rumors that Cyrans have been transformed into truly heinous monsters within the mists. The survivors of that fateful day (some 60,000) have mainly gathered in the settlement of New Cyre in Breland, led by the lone survivor of the Cyran Royal Family, Prince Konstantin Ir'Wynarn.


Cyre is marked by a wide variety of geographical features, from desert to marshland, river to coastline. It has been said that the only landmarks Cyre lacked were mountains, but they came close with plateaus. It is the geographical variety that has given rise to the idea that Cyrans are ready for any environment and make for hearty opponents on the battlefield.   Of note is the large freshwater lake, Lake Cyre, that borders Cyre to the east, the Starry Sound to the west, the large plateau now known as the Glass Plateau, and the Seven Spires of Metrol.

History of Cyre

The Nation of Cyre was first established by settlers who stopped at an islet on what would become the Cyre River and marveled at the geographical wonders called the Seven Pillars, upon which the Vermishard Palace would one day sit. A settlement was placed and, over time, the city grew as a trade depot along the river and a highly defensible position against raiders. It did eventually fall, however, to the conquest of Galifar I when he united the Five Nations and renamed them, calling his pride and joy Cyre after his first daughter and heir to the throne.   In time, Cyre became the center of Khorvaire and the Galifar Empire that ruled over it. For hundreds of years, the royal family, passing the crown down from father to daughter, daughter to son, and so forth, ruled benevolently over a world in need of order.

Important Cities

Metrol. Once the capitol of not only Cyre, but the entire Galifar Empire, Metrol is known as the Crown City. Walled since ancient times, Metrol sits on an islet in the Cyre river. Before one can see the city itself from land or river, one can see the great Seven Spires of Metrol. Large, stone spires rise from the ground, some over 100 feet tall, and are each topped by a section the Vermishard Palace, the center of Cyran and Galifar rule for over 1000 years. Since the Mourning, the state of the city is unknown.   Making. South of Lake Cyre and located atop (and famously inside) what is now known as the Glass Plateau is Making, the industrial center of all of Khorvaire. Home to House Cannith, the great artificers and inventors of the Galifar Empire, Making is a wonder in and of itself. Lit by supremely intricate arcane lights, House Cannith maintained (somewhat prophetically) that even if the city was abandoned, it would stay lit for 100 years. Since the Mourning, the state of the city is unknown.   Vidsk. Known by many as the Royal Retreat, Vidsk is located on Lake Cyre south of Metrol. Abnormally warm and clear weather almost year round led to rumors that the Galifar Empire maintained a steady contract with House Lyrandar to keep the weather summerly. A town built on luxury and around travel and tourism, Vidsk held the vacation home of the Ir'Wynarn family, Tsar's Gardens, and many upscale shops, restaurants, and activities. It was also home to the Khorvaire Regatta that took place on Lake Cyre. Since the Mourning, the state of the city is unknown.


Pre-Mourning (Cyre)
Geopolitical, Country
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