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The Patriam Chronicles

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Patriam is a synthetic island that was created to survive a catastrophic event that destroyed the rest of the earth. Its creator- a brilliant scientist whose talent and initiative was unappreciated and underestimated by the old world became a self proclaimed god of a world he created in his own image.   Patriam is made up of four divided quadrants: Luminia, a kingdom in a permanent state of spring; Cavasia, a dry and cold land separated from the rest of united Patriam by the peaks of Desolation; Arborea an autumnal region having vast natural resources; and lastly, Luxia a realm of warm rainforests and beaches.   Manipulated animal and plant life, diverse cultures, assassinations, immortality, experiments gone wrong, evil clones, revolts and rebellions, memories stolen - Patriam was intended to be flawed, but the people of Patriam have something else in mind. Follow a variety of characters, animals, and immortal beings who rise up to fight for or against goodness and truth. Do you want to learn the truth? Find it in The Patriam Chronicles!

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