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The Other Earth

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2003 was an eventful year in Earth history, as it was the year we made contact with what some may call alien life. A portal, like a three dimensional hole, formed in Eastern Kansas. From the hole came creatures that looked like a grotesque mix between bird and insect, with a beak seemingly made of metal and a body plated in some flexible, tough material. These beings crawled on four sturdy legs, trampling farm field and eventually making contact with a nearby town.   The horrified townsfolk were shocked to find that the beings stepping out from the elongated boat-like beaks of their biological vehicles were, in fact, humans. The military base nearby was quick to dispatch troops and tanks, but the newcomers had no interest in conflict. A base of operations was quickly established just outside of town, the beginnings of an embassy. Bird-cars parked themselves, allowing humans of many different types to stroll out with tools of an apparent biological nature. Our military was on edge, but could not discern any weaponry.   Before the day's end, more government officials had arrived from both sides. A proper embassy had been established; a building like flat bottomed egg made of an insect's exoskeleton that had crawled to its location on a ring of thick spidery legs. Communication between them and us was surprisingly easy, as the newcomers who normally spoke their click-consonant heavy language could speak heavily accented English as well. Although difficult to understand, they made it clear conquest was not their goal.   They were ambassadors from another Earth, and had experimented with inter dimensional travel for decades, and had been observing our timeline for nearly as long. This was their first time actually achieving proper first contact, with all previous attempts being very limited in scope and done mostly via drones. Their world, as we soon found out, was both strange and familiar, beautiful even. Cities were few and far between, the landscape was pristine compared to ours, and their technology was based on biologically altered organisms. Everything, from their buildings, to their tools, and even their clothes, was alive to some extant.   With the passing decades, we have much about this Other Earth's cultures, technology, and environment, and they have learned from us as well. Using their technology and mastery over biological and ecological engineering, they have been able to mend our failing ecosystems and improve our way of life. Their influence has been positive on our world, but some still have doubts, and others still find their presence intrusive and malevolent. Conspirators such as these are few in number, but those highest in power buy into it, and fight against the influence of The Others.   Learn more about The Other Earth, its inhabitants, and their affect on our world in the coming pages, and discover the path we could have taken, and the paths that could be.

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