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Summer Sea

The Summer Sea is the body of water that separates Vostroya from Tat Kvaab. There are many maritime mercantile routes there, and the sea is littered with islands and archipelagos. The water is generally calmer here than in the great Ocean west, but occasionally, the Summer Sea can get rough.


  This Archipelago is the largest in the Summer Sea, located south of Averland, west of Bangaraga. The isles are tropical jungles and forests, full of strange creatures like lizard folk, tortles, and on the northern islands tabaxi. The wildlife here is also very diverse and colorful. Some say these islands were gardens that the Precursor planted thousands of years ago. Polyphemus is also known for its Cyclops, mad giants that were stranded here a very long time ago.

The Girav Isles

  North west of Polyphemus, on the eastern coast of Barbaros stands a small archipelago, full of bogs and swamps. Lizard Folk here have the look of Crocodiles, and are said to be the most cruel mercenaries in the summer sea. Barbarians often raid their isles, and the Crocs do the same in return. They occupy abandoned temples, and have a surreal control over the violent wildlife in the bogs.

The Islands of Keval

  West of Shahar lie islands populated by dwarves. They are called the Keval and have skin similar to stone. they live in massive stone carved cities, and have no means of water transportation because of their culture. Tat Kvaab has tried multiple times bending the stone dwarves to their will, but here they are. These islands are generally avoided due to the perception the dwarves have of outsiders.

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