Jason Brown

Jason Brown (a.k.a. the Hard Hitting Tiger)

Jason Brown is a proud Tiger. He knows the rules and obeys them as best he can. However, (and this does not happen often), Jason cannot help but think how much easier things would be if he were in charge.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Jason, along with Mark, were the two cousins who grew up surrounded by clear set rules and expectations they had to live up to. Unlike Mark, Jason seemed to exceed in these rules. He kept his head down, just as a Tiger should do.

Jason was not a problem child and seemed to be extremely well behaved for someone to have grown up in a criminal communtity. He obeyed his parents and authority (as one should), and the only issue he had was choosing color coordinating outfits.

Spoiler Alert: he will most definitely be a problem child, just not involving ugly outfits.


Jason was taught very specific rules when he was young. Most of them involving obeying the leader, but being prepared to step up if the time came. (And Jason is patiently waiting for that time to come.)

He goes to public school, but finds it boring and a waste of time. He struggles in Geometry, but to no one's surprise excels at P.E.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Jason has been successful in many of his endeavors. Not only has he been able to succeed in the intense physical training program the Tigers have, but he has been able to break multiple records, some of them decades of years old.

He also prides himself in being the youngest Tiger to lift 325 pounds (148 kg) Story Spoiler
However, Jason's greatest accomplishent, however, has been one the first Felidae to win an award given by The Elders of the Exams.
Current Status
lifting weights in the neighborhood gym
short black


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