Neverwinter, also known as the City of Skilled Hands and the Jewel of the North, was a bustling, cultured, and cosmopolitan city-state in northwest Faerûn. Neverwinter was regarded by Volo as the most cosmopolitan and civilized city in all of Faerûn. The city was a member in good standing of the Lords' Alliance. Known for its craftsfolk and gardeners, the city's multi-colored-glass lamps, precision water clocks, exquisite jewelry, and magnificent gardens ensured the warm winters were colorful and the summers were rich with fresh fruit.
  • members of many races living alongside the common human and half-elven families

  •   Locations:
  • The Protector's Enclave (location of Church of Selûne)
  • The Blacklake District (the northwestern section of the city)
  • The former Docks District (part of the Protector's Enclave to the south, and the Blacklake District to the north)
  • The Neverdeath Graveyard
  • The Chasm (sealed around 1485 DR)
  • The River District, also known as the Towers District, located at the northeastern portion of the city. (Serene Expanse Inn )