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Session 10: The Journey to the Mouth of the World

General Summary

Rokko the Bastard and Khall-Jekyll awaken to a pounding on the door to their purchased room. A familiar voice demands that the pair present themselves. Immediately sensing trouble, Khall and Rokko both dive for the window. Khall manages to escape the room but finds himself in the midst of a crowd of law enforcers, he throws his hands in the air. Meanwhile, Rokko is incapable of escaping the room in time and is apprehended. Rokko recognizes the face of his captor, Chad of War, who was last seen many days ago after being maimed by the swordmaster Gregor. Khall, seeing no way out of this situation, scampers back into the inn's room.
The pair are dragged away to be held, until Luren Stillwater comes to discuss their crimes. Luren expresses his intense disappointment in the group that he and his druid peers held such hope in. He insists that Rokko and Khall return the items that they stole. The two reluctantly hand back the items and are presently released. Luren makes it clear that the penalty would have been harsher if he did not believe that the party was destined to perform some great task. On the way out of the cell holding him, Rokko shits his pants.
The party reunites after this inconvenience and Sosnik immediately attempts to learn more concerning her potential son. Asking for information at the Druidic Temple, it is discovered that Sosnik is indeed Volcholnek's father. Sosnik believes for all practical purposes that he is a virgin and is understandably confused by the situation. After asking for more information, a druid presents him with a tome concerning deities and creatures that roam the wilds of this area. Sosnik discovers a passage on Melora, a deity that is rumored to take on physical forms in the hills and wilderness that surround his home town. Sosnik's suspicions grow as he delves deeply into the memories of his past. A specific memory surfaces of Sosnik being lost in the woods and a dark figure emerging from within the trees. 
Sosnik makes the decision to leave her son with Luren Stillwater, who promises to care for Volcholnek more attentively than the Morning Moon Orphanage is able to. With this decision being made, the party pilots the Apparatus of Kwalish and begins the journey towards the Mouth of the World. 
Much of the journey passes without instance. Several hours after departure, the air in the vehicle becomes thin and unbreathable, those in the Apparatus learn that the air does not circulate throughout the chamber. They upon the rear hatch and breath in fresh, breathable air.
Two hours later, a merchant halts the machine's journey. After brief introductions, the merchant provides his name; Doug the Bug Hunter. Doug offers the group a myriad of insects to purchase. Among the specimens are: Common Bark Spiders, Crying Worms, Ice Clickers, and more. 
Most of the members appreciate Doug's wares and purchase them thankfully. However, after Crassus fails to pickpocket Doug, he decides to attack the traveling salesman. Crassus slides a dagger into the man's shoulder and then slices into his back as he turns to run. The rest of the party is completely shocked by what they witness. As Doug runs, Rokko intervenes. Rokko mist steps in front of Doug and forces the salesman to return their coin. The man rushes in the direction the party came, leaving his wares behind. 
After this stunning affair, the party continues on towards the Mouth of the World. Before long they reach the lake and discover that the Andorian Empire has constructed a research location around the lake. However, all but one of the soldiers has died under mysterious conditions. The remaining Andorian soldier warns the group of "something horrible beneath the water" before Rokko takes his life out of mercy. 
The party begins to explore the lake and is quickly attacked by a giant octopus. The conflict is not overly dramatic and they use the apparatus to eliminate the creature quickly. They return to the surface to consider their next move. Here they wait.

Rewards Granted

550 EXP

Character(s) interacted with

Chad of War Luren Stillwater Volcholnek Palevnoy
Report Date
11 Jan 2021
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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