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Desert Downs

scrub land and sand dunes make up the majority of this region. Set in the rain shadow of the Perilous Divide, it rarely sees precipitation. A few streams flow from the snow run off through the downs, but these are few and far between.   Originally settled near the end of the Great Exodus, earlier parties skipped this region as it seemed it could not support life. The hearty settlers though were able to establish towns at first, which flourished into cities. The Eastern Sea Traders were able to greatly help in these early settlements. They were able to bring in building and food supplies for trade with the herbs and incense found around the region. Once copper was discovered in some areas, the settlements began to prosper and became stable.   The group known as the Desert Kings has laid claim to the areas that can be settled even if no one is present. Though due to the climate and harshness of the region, few outsiders have ever considered to establish any outpost in these lands.


Consists primarily of desolate scrub lands with sand dunes. The rolling hills of both land and sand resemble what should be downs as found in the greener regions.

Fauna & Flora

Standard desert wildlife can be found in this region. Some small herds will congregate around the streams and oasis, otherwise, not much in the way of wildlife can be found.

Natural Resources

Though sparse and hard to find, rare medicinal herbs and roots can be found in the scrub regions and along the river banks. Copper mines, quarries and the random jewel mine can be found as well.
Owning Organization


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