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The Non-Flowering Fairies

410 Million Years Since Landfall

A gymnosperm gijinka.

The Environs of Foliest

Foliest is a planet much like Earth, with a similar evolutionary history, though on a different trajectory since the Ordovician. The most notable difference is that this is a world of magic.   Magic permeates the world in myriad ways, typically working in a subtle manner and interfering little with natural systems. Certain living things have adapted to make use of it or control it for their own ends.   As on Earth, Pangaea united in the late Paleozoic, but instead of subsequently splitting into Laurasia & Gondwanaland, she fractured along a different axis, creating twin continents named Laurelland & Epiphyllia. More recently, as these twins continue to pull apart, the molten seafloor bubbles up between them, and a new landmass is raised from the waves.

The Fairies of Foliest

Ever since the colonization of land by the earliest true plants, magic has coalesced around them to eventually produce humanoid representations of the various plant Orders. They are known as fairies, and their key aspiration in life is to care for the plant communities that they personify.   Fairies are inherently magical beings & functionally immortal, surviving for as long as their associated plants do. Beings that are so small, so free and so long-lived have a markedly different perspective on life than we do, and yet, in their mannerisms & behaviour, are recognizably humanoid.   This project tells of their experiences.

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