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Winter pelt coat

Manufacturing process

This coat is made on an individual basis and by custom order.
The request is placed with the Wolves of the Mountain Spirit Pack and they craft the coat to the customer's dimensions and specific requests. As the Yggdrasil Pack does not actively associate with the Mountain Spirit Pack, the exact making of the coat is unknown to them.


This coat is a fashion statement or utility item for wolves who get cold easily.
Coat Art by Ereth (#10338) from Wolvden
Item type
Clothing / Accessory
This item is available for all wolves to wear, though many do not because the additional warmth is not typically needed. There are currently 67 copies of this item as of 5/10/2021.
From 5lbs to 17lbs
Base Price
5GC + 120 SC
Raw materials & Components
This coat is made from the pelt and furs of various animals. The exact materials are not publically known, but it has been guessed that the pelt may be Moose with Yak fur linings.

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13 May, 2021 16:04

Interesting idea to have coats for wolves and nice to have added a picture for that as well :) The article is very short though and I still have lots of questions. Perhaps you could add some extra information of how the wolves make it and such as I am curious :)

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14 May, 2021 16:54

Thank you for your comment! I have added a little more information. Unfortunately, this is not an important item in their world, so there's not much to say about it.

Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
14 May, 2021 07:28

Oooh this is a nice idea for wolves to have coats :D Even beyond making it since they could ask some other species to do so for them, how do they put it on and fasten it?

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14 May, 2021 16:59

Thank you for your comment! I have added a little more information. This item is made by wolves of another pack than the main pack(Yggdrasil pack), the focus of this world, so not much is known on how they create it. The belt cannot be fastened and is purely decorative. The coats are made so that it is a very snug fit and won't slide off.

Sage Dejers
Dejers Garth
27 May, 2021 13:58

Short and sweet, this article really hits the meat of it and doesn't need much else! Wolves wear these cool coats!   I might recommend moving the art into the text to help add a little bulk to the article, but it's not necessary.   Thanks for sharing this nice little snippet of an article!

28 May, 2021 01:17

Really nice concept! Wolves should also get clothes, it shouldn’t just be us people! I really enjoyed the idea behind it, to keep wolves warm if they are cold, and if not to give them some nice fashion. I also liked how the exact materials it is made of is not known, it adds a bit of mystery and saying exactly how many there are currently is also nice.

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