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Zaemeir Vralmeres

Zaemeir Vralmeres

Zaemeir Vralmeres is a Winter Court Elf (snow laughing dog shape), exile from Nuana, highwayman, and self-proclaimed prophet of the world's true nature.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Zaemeir has a gangly, lean build typical of laughing dog-shape elves. While blind in both his elf and laughing dog forms, he has adjusted to his disability and is quite mobile and agile, especially with Rotwing's assistance.

Identifying Characteristics

Zaemeir has severe iron burn scars on his eyes, neck, wrists, and ankles as a result of his torture at the Hunt's hands, though he usually conceals them under a blindfold and decorated collar and cuffs. After getting his hair cut short twice, he's very determined to wear his regrown locks as long and free as possible, practicality be damned.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Zaemeir had shown a fascination with the Elder Beasts since a young age. When he joined the Wild Hunt as a tracker, he requested to join the outer hunters rather than work in the Avantha Kolari, on the grounds that these hunters usually focused on the Beasts threatening settlements rather than hunting for food, materials, or prestige. Zaemeir's greater interest in studying his quarries rather than quickly neutralizing them earned him his compatriots' grumbling, but his skill as a tracker and precise notes on the Beasts made him too vulnerable to discipline much.
However, when Zaemeir and several other hunters were sent to contain the Elder Beast known as the Drifting. Zaemeir defied orders and ventured into the surrounding clouds produced by the Drifting alone. While he was able to get a better study of the Drifting's structure than had ever before, his attempts to expose it to stimuli provoked the Drifting, and in the ensuing chaos, three other hunters died. As punishment, Zaemeir was confined to the Wild Hunt offices in Chiaxra as a servant until his cut hair regrew to its old length (probably about three or four reigns). However, Zaemeir chafed against his service and stole Hunt documentation to continue his studies.
About two reigns into his indenture, a Beast known as the Achromic appeared near Chiaxra, and since, due to an usually high number of Beast manifestations, Zaemeir took it upon himself to subdue it and bring back its core. Rather than congratulate him, the Hunt officials tore into him for his insubordination, leading a furious Zaemeir to attack and injure one of them. In retaliation, the Hunt had Zaemeir publicly blinded, tortured, and banished, only allowed to return to Nuanat territory if he publicly repented and fully gave himself up to the Hunt's service. While alone and injured in the southern wastelands, Zaemeir claimed to have had a revelation about the true nature of the Elder Beasts and began to gather followers. The most prominent of these is Rotwing, a Voiced condor who became Zaemir's Suvet.
Unsurprisingly, Zaemeir has no desire to return to the people who abused him so. Instead, he leads his followers from the Southern Wastes, studying the Elder Beasts and occasionally raiding Nuanat caravans for supplies, especially those with indentured servants he can offer freedom too.

Gender Identity




Those who have encountered Zaemeir say he is highly charismatic and eloquent, even if what he speaks of seems to make no sense. His voice is atypically low and growling for an elf's.
Black (pre-blinding)
White with black tips, straight, worn long
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark Gray
Known Languages
Nuanat Theen

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