Whispering Deck

This worn deck bears an evocative image upon each of its cards. Mundane whispering decks grace the tables of fortune-tellers all over the world, and are said to be potent oracles. Among gamblers, whispering decks are said to make their own luck and favor the lawless. Tall tales sometimes speak of the cards whispering lies with unpleasant truths, usually leading to ruin or fortune for their holders, although sometimes it's a bit of both.   The cards influence the world around them, either in favor or disfavor of their current holders. More cards can influence or multiple, or perhaps flip the favor of those in their nearby presence.   Holding a true card of a Whispering Deck is a rare thing, and those who hold such a card know it in their heart and soul. They are drawn to each other, like magnets.   What card are you holding in your hands? What will they do for you?  


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