Unification Speech


The unification speech was held on the 14th of Summer, 535, by Togu'a, the Mother of Kot. She started holding the speech in front of a few neighbors, but eventually gathered all Magmer around her that lived in Kot at that time. This speech led to the foundation of The Government of Kot, making Kot the first governed town in the history of the Fire Valley.
The speech is now kept on three boards of bronze, which are as close to the original as one can get. It is also the most copied scripture in the fire valley, closely followed by similar scriptures from Lak and Nu'uk.  
Listen here, my neighbors. My f arkador and awla'ar. My siblings. You are the ones that I share these roads with. You are the ones that I was taught science with. The older ones of you are those, who raised me together with my parents.

We are NOT a mass of magmer. We are NOT just a bunch of magmer randomly living in f abpa that are randomly close together. We are NOT just a bunch of magmer who are not connected.
We live together for the help and trust and tof we are giving each other! We are ONE onobpa! We are ONE ka'abpa! We are Kot, the Capital of the Fire Valey!

Now listen closely. I am not going to repeat myself, except for this one time: Listen closely! We, the magmer, are the most intelligent race in the known world. Obviously we are.
Are scale mice smarter than we are? NO
Are bats smarter? Of course not!
Moles? Plankton? Moss?
You see, we have the greatest potential of all the races in the Fire Valley. But intelligence is not what wins a fight in a duel. Every single one of us would lose in a duel against the great lone mountain Namut. What makes intelligence the greatest weapon of all is the ability of working together!

By my name, Togu'a on Kot, I propose to have a collected decision system. A group of people, whose job it is, to use their strength in their minds to show our greatest weapon to the whole world!

Who is ready to be smart?
— Togu'a in the Unification Speech

Used Magmar Vocabulary

f multiple
arkador friend
awla'ar family
abpa building
tof fire, lava; warmth, kindness
onobpa people, civilization
ka'abpa vilage, town, settlement
on from
Togu'a on Kot Togu'a from Kot
Statement, Political (Manifesto)
Signatories (Characters)
Signatories (Organizations)


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18 Jul, 2018 17:06

Strong words, can see why this speech is revered as such!

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Well, nothing to say about it. It is short and concise, I like it ^^

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I'd have liked some disenting opinions of the article, or more about how it is viewed by others in your world.   Otherwise, well written and strong. I could sense the emotions Very clearly.