Tof (liquid lava)

Liquid Lava is a very practical thing for the Magmer people. It is used for cleaning, grilling meat, or as a simple trash can. Since the lava continuously flows deep under the ground of the Fire Valley, most households have their own stream of tof flowing under the center of their home, called the tofta. This is the cultural center of a magmer's household, and the place where meetings, conversations, and free time happen.


Physical Characteristics

The tof that flows through the tofta of a magmer household is glowing in a bright red, enough to enlighten the entire first floor, even in larger middle-class buildings that are 15-20 meters long. Its red glow gives magmer households a calming, but mysterious touch.


Its temperature is just cool enough for a magmer to touch it for a few seconds, to clean their hand for example, but not longer. Think of a water tube that is turned to maximum temperature. Everything thrown into the tof burns within a couple of seconds. The viscosity of the lava is much thicker than water; it is just viscous enough to flow through a magmers closed fingers' gaps.

History & Usage


In early days, magmer did not know about the tof under ground. They used to consciously heat their hand when they wanted to clean it, or used the same method to grill scale mice. But soon, in the year 242, they discovered the heat source down there. Since then, they use it as a source of light, as well as an easier to control heat source, since burning down a scale mouse was sadly a too frequent occurrence.
Since the invention of the Sand Oven in 779, and the invention of the metal oven roughly 100 years later, magmer now also use their tof for melting processes that their own hands do not get hot enough for.

We were sitting at the tofta, having a nice utu'awaga, and were about to make a break. One of my friends, who was taking notes, went to the tofta, held his right hand down there and cleaned the paint off his hand with the tof flowing along. Then I took the taf of tofta to shut the tofta.
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Magmer vocabulary Used

tofta Fireplace, a place of meetings; generally a comfortable place
utu'awaga Philosophy, the science of thoughts; the generality of all sciences; a deep or scientific discussion
tof fire, lava (the magmer do not know the difference), spark; warmth, comfort
taf of tofta A rock, that is used to shut the tofta so nobody falls into it


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17 Jul, 2018 14:07

This reminds me of the underground fey world of Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl series, where most things are powered by magma strips and geothermal energy. Also, I must confess, all the tof-sounds in the quote made me think of food. I actually got hungry reading that, no idea what that is about.   Anyways, this is quite the creative concept, so good job on that, I like it a lot ^-^ Consider adding another quote, image, or two article blocks below your sidebar so sidebar and main content have the same height. Having big empty holes in the article is always sub-optimal from a formatting standpoint.

17 Jul, 2018 15:41

Thanks for the feedback. I might put the quote into the sidebar as a WIP until I get a good picture of a tofta.

17 Jul, 2018 15:55

great ^-^ This already looks much smarter from a formatting standpoint, so it's a good hotfix for now!

17 Jul, 2018 16:15

I love the idea of some words of the language being put into a phrase and the later explication of them. I also love the general design of the article. LIKED ^^

17 Jul, 2018 17:45

Who knew lava could be so useful. :-) I like the specific uses listed. Just becomes a daily convenience. I'm assuming the over is heated with the Taf? Is it not hot enough to melt the metal oven, or dues it just flow close it to keep it hot without melting? More of a curiosity than something missing from the article. Overall, it's simple and specific. Great Job!

17 Jul, 2018 18:00

In fact, the Taf is just a big stone that fits into the whole, which is the Tofta. And there is no real oven, since Magmer only need food about once every couple of weeks. I still have to write the article about magmer, where more of that would be explained. But Summer Camp is the priority atm. ^^

17 Jul, 2018 18:27

Very interesting concept, using lava to not only illuminate and cook, but for cleaning as well. Would love to know more about the Magmer. What type of creatures are they that they can touch the tof, even for a few seconds, without getting horribly burned?

17 Jul, 2018 18:55

That is a good question and will definitely be answered in another article about the Magmer specifically at some point. For now though, the summer camp is my priority. Short version: The magmer's skin evolved to resists extremely high temperatures (60-70°C in winter, up to 110°C in summer) as well as periodic pumice- and ash-rain from the Fire Ring (each of the 6 mountains has a break-out-period of less than 2 full days).