The Last Expedition

My mo'awlar is going on his Last Expedition in two days. It has been a hard time for me. I don't like saying goodbye, and neither does my mo'awla'a. The destiny that he desires requires an early departure: He wants to see all the mountains of the Fire Ring, as well as the entire Mamnta before the end of his live, and he hasn't seen any so far. He is going to start at Dot. Tomorrow is his departure. I have collected colorful minerals for the entirety of the last three days.
Gu, the silent boulder in his youth diary, 987


For the entirety of the magmer history, knowledge was the most valuable thing ever for any magmer. Nobody knows who was the first to do so, but already in the late 300s, every magmer who makes peace with their own death goes onto his last expedition, to find a piece of knowledge that is yet unknown to the magmer population.


Choosing the Destination

When a magmer decides that the time has come for his last expedition, he decides on a place that he wants to go to. This place is usually a place that is extremely risky to make an expedition to, usually ending in death, since these are the places that the younger magmer usually do not want to do due to the risk of dying. Additionally, a magmer makes sure they actually die by choosing the right location to go to, if they want to initiate the farewell ritual.
Popular places are the inner sides of the volcanoes of the Fire Ring as well as the land behind the Mamnta in the West; both places that never a magmer came back alive from.

The Farewell Ritual

The whole family of the leaving one collect some colorful minerals before the day of the farewell ritual. They are then drawing the birth symbol of the leaving one onto his home, as well as on the chest and backs of each other. The rest of the paint is used to write the birth symbols of all the family members on the leaving one's skin.
After that ritual, shortly before he leaves, the leaving one gets a couple of small gifts that are made by his children. These gifts are usually small enough to keep all of them in one hand, although they usually aren't, but instead are put into a box, which contains everything needed for the expedition.

Magmer Vocabulary Used

mo'awlar Grandfather
dagatok to say goodbye; to give best wishes
mo'awla'a Grandmother

The Farewell Wall

Farewell Wall.jpg
The family of the leaving one do their best to gather the most colorful and most diversified colors to decorate the wall of their loved one. All of them, even the youngest who cannot actually write, draw his birth symbol onto the wall at least once.

The Most Popular Destinations

  Both of the most popular destinations are very deadly. While this is obvious for the inside of a volcano, nobody yet knows what the explorers of the West die from. Some suspect a deadly species, some suspect a huge fire sea, and again others suspect the end of the world.


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21 Jul, 2018 19:43

I like the idea of taking one last journey before dying. It's a really nice approach that has a lot of symbolism to work with.

21 Jul, 2018 19:49

Glad that you liked it. ^^

21 Jul, 2018 19:56

Saying goodbye before the actual death is a fascinating idea. It allows the family to remember you as you were before your death. But: If one's last expedition does not go to a region of no return, who will take care of the foreign corpses? How are they disposed of?

21 Jul, 2018 19:59

If they die in nature, they are just left there to rot. If they die in the ranks of another culture... Let's just say, the magmer don't know of any other culture.

21 Jul, 2018 20:10

Why don't they know of any other culture? Also, are there meanings to the different minerals they collect? I like the idea of going on a final journey as farewell.

21 Jul, 2018 20:20

The reason for why they don't know any other culture seems to be that there aren't any. But it might also be related to the reason why there was never a magmer who came back from the West. Who knows?
The minerals are just colorful. Magmer use minerals to make colors, also in their everyday life and not only for the farewell ceremony, it is their main purpose.