The Hexapus Army

I saw one in the water once when I was hiking: A hexapus. Its six feet alone were over twice my size long, and its head was long and pointed. Its color was not clearly visible through the red light, dimmed by the Red Plankton, but I think it was white. I am going to report this to the Bio institute. They would be amazed.
Gu, the silent Boulder in his youth diary, 36th of spring 992
[...]I was only away for a few minutes, but my Wheat Barrel is already empty! [...]
— An unknown wanderer who was in Kot on the 36th of spring, 992
The hexapuses are said to be terrifying, but calm. They were never actually seen coming out of the water. But whenever they appear on the coast in front of the settlement, that settlement soon misses a lot of its supplies. The hexapuses seem to like wheat, but also those artistic objects which have an almost perfectly round shape. Sometimes, entire wheat barrels just disappear without any trace.

Variations & Mutation

The hexapuses and their myth only came up in the late 800s. The last people who were not told their tale are still not on their Last Expedition, so fresh is this myth. But it already has gone through a couple of variations already:

The Dodecapus

Some magmer say, that the Hexapuses always come in swarms that are controlled by one sentient mind all together. This sentient mind would be called Dodecapus in our language (20 feet). This myth says, that the dodecapus controls 20 hexapuses, each of them with one invisible tentacle.

The propeller

One theory says, that the smallest hexapuses actually get up the cliff and onto the ware of the magmer by using their tentacles as a propeller. They are supposed to shoot out of the water, propell themselves right onto the object they wish to have, take it with the pointy tip of their head and fly away right after.

The Giant Tentacle

The last theory talks about at least one of the hexapuses having a tentacle that reaches many dozens of meters, maybe even hundreds. This way, the hexapus gets the ware from the land without ever leaving the water. This tentacles would of course have to be either super quick or invisible.

Date of First Recording
In the year 871
Date of Setting
Last known recording: Summer of 992 (this year)
Related Locations
Related People
There are still quiet some people, especially in the southern regions, that still do not believe in the existence of these creatures. But all who have been stolen from, and especially those who saw them with their own eyes, definitely know what they have seen.
— Gu, in his youth diary


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21 Jul, 2018 22:18

Ooo giant squids are always terrifying! I do wish, however, that you had expanded a bit upon the myths surrounding these creatures. Especially the one about the Dodecapus. I would have loved to have read a more in-depth telling of the tale that brought about the theory of the Hexapuses attacking/showing up in swarms.

22 Jul, 2018 10:11

Since nobody has ever seen multiple hexapuses at once, and the magmer are a pretty serious and intelligent people, there are no tales about swarms of hexapuses besides the bare theories. And explaining how they do it would take away a lot of the mystery, wouldn't it? ;)

22 Jul, 2018 00:23

I love how tricky and mysterious these creatures are. Though if they're prevalent enough to steal from people, and there are accounts of them, why is it none have been captured?

22 Jul, 2018 10:08

This is a mystery to be solved on another day. ;)

22 Jul, 2018 02:23

Not a classical pirate tale but more of a sailor's yarn. While I really like the idea, the article was a bit short and lacks some detail.