The Flirt Fest

When they are 15 and finished with school, young magmer usually want to have a partner as soon as possible. The reason for that is pretty pragmatic: Mating early means, that a magmer can spend more time on his carrier and his studies later; and the time after school would be free time anyway.


Once, the magmer flirting process was even more pragmatic than today: One magmer would just ask another magmer from the opposite gender and similar age out, go home with them, inform both families and move into a home together.
Today, the process is just a little more complicated: To make couples more resiliant and lower the risk of psychological illnesses for children, The Government of Kot made a decision: In the year 796, they decided to make an annual flirt fest on the end of each school year, so that the graduates and older bachelors and bachelorets could find the most fitting partner.


To find their optimal partner, every bachelor brings a self made piece of art to the flirt fest, and compares theirs to the art of others from the opposite sex. This way, magmer can find someone with a similar taste in art, which in turn shows that they think similarly and are fitting as a couple.
The artwork can be a painting, like the one seen in the cover image, but it can also be a poem, like the one made by Gu.
The rest of the process is still very much similar to what it was before the first introduction of the flirt fest: The new-found couple informs their parents and just move into their own home, or alternatively build it themselves or with the help of friends and family.


Besides the obvious bachelors and bachelorets on the flirt fest, there are also some psychologists. Their job is it to answer questions about the compatibility of two magmer if they are unsure.
Additionally, the parents of a bachelor sometimes observe the ritual. They do this to ensure that their child finds someone fitting. This is especially done for particularly shy teens, or bachelors who attend the fest for the 3rd or 4th time or more.

our lives are long
and deep my thoughts
about what comes
after i go

but worry not
since we are young
and our lives
are still not gone
Gu, the silent Boulder in his poem for the Flirt Fest
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22 Jul, 2018 13:03

This was... unexpected. I must admit that I'm a bit confused about what are magners, don't hesitate to put links to other articles and if you don't have them written yet, use tooltips to explains what they are.   I also think that the quote on the right would look better on the main body :)   Anyway, it was still an interesting read, thanks :)

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Oh jeez, if they're anything like humans, the drama that goes down at these flirt fests must be major. Very interesting ideas! Shows just how important art is to them.

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Though a lot of the wording in this article seems a bit stilted, it's quite well written. I'd recommend giving it another look over and narrowing down what words you want to use where. Also, perhaps remove the section that mentions the cover image; I'm uncertain about others, but it kind of pulled me out of the article. Otherwise, good work!