The First Script


My goal was to discover the types of metals that usually go with a vein of tafubab. So I started digging in the cliff, in an area that I knew contained a lot of tafubab, I started digging for ore. I found a lot of taf that seemed to contain moto'af and in my mind I was already on my way home to study them, when my hand hit something within the taf.
It was marble, no question. But it was also a pretty tafrur piece of marble. That was why I stopped to set it free in the first place.
— Geologist Aro in one of his later scripts, 503
This was when Aro found the First Script; it was the oldest dated scripture that used the magmer script - even though in a less advanced form. The date on the plate reads "82nd of Winter, 192".


After a long period of deciphering, the team of geologists around Aro found out, that the first script contained a detailed description of how different materials looked and smelt, and what effect they had on the magmer body. Even without the help of a medic, the team soon realized, that the effects were vastly exaggerated. But - with the help of a medic - they also realized, that the effects that were described could indeed be created by a - much larger portion - of the described materials.
The script describes the effects of kurt, tafubab, dataf, multiple metals, pumice, obsidian, multiple semiprecious stones and so on.


The First Script is the scientifically most significant piece of rock there is in the whole Fire Valley, and as such the most significant piece over all. Not only does it show that there was an advanced civilization before the year 200, it also shows that the species back then probably was more sensible than the magmer, and they used marble as a main material.
When this fact became known, many magmer in Kot started to have more open eyes for marble in general, since they always hope for it to be some kind of old scripture.

tafubab coal
taf stone, rock
moto'af ore, metal
tafrur smooth, hard; like the perfect rock
kurt sulfur
dataf pebbles, sand; albino; lit.: not a real rock
Item type
Book / Document
Owning Organization
The Government of Kot
60 kg
120 cm x 60 cm x 3 cm
Base Price
not purchasable
Current Owner
The Government of Kot


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20 Jul, 2018 14:36

So the First Script is kind of like the Rosetta Stone but instead of translating language, it translates the different effects rocks and metals have on magmer? Fascinating. I am curious though, why did the magmer not use marble in their construction? Also we're there any stones or metals that had the opposite happen? Where after transcribing the script the magmer realized they had put too much value in them?

20 Jul, 2018 16:01

The magmer nowadays only use marble for decorative purposes, at least in Kot. The reason for that is that the walls can be directly "pulled out of the ground" by using the stone that the ground is made of. I am not quiet sure what you mean with the other questions, but since the magmer are scientifically pretty advanced, they did not really learn anything new from the actual content of the board, only about the ancient people.

20 Jul, 2018 14:42

Interesting. That's a neat way of showing it. What makes it constitute a scripture, rather than a medicinal/biological treatise?

20 Jul, 2018 16:03

Since the magmer people did have the factual information carried on the board already, they only view it as a prove of the first time that the magmer script was used.

James L
20 Jul, 2018 14:43

Slightly confusing with stone being called script, however a lovely view into the details and language of your world. Great job.