The Cliffs


The cliffs lay right below Kot and mark the border with the Hot Sea. They are about 40-60 meters high. They are a popular place for hikers, since the walls are very rough and colorful. The mist over the Hot Sea also increases the popularity, since a magmer can completely hide within it. In the rare occasion of a rain fall, the mist even rises to a height of about 15 meters, which allows for a fun set of hiking games where everybody is hidden in the mist.  


With Kot lying directly on top of the cliffs, there are many young magmer (and those who remained young) who regularly come down to climb the cliffs and make some dangerous stunts up there. The water is deep, and the magmer can resist the heat, so even though magmer don't like swimming, it is not as dangerous as it might seem. As a bonus: Magmer can control their body heat in a way that allows them to evaporate the water under their feet, making them float on top of it.  

Flora and Fauna

The colors of the cliffs don't only arise from its minerals. The red moss has its prime growth here, since it not only gets the heat needed to perform thermosynthesis, but also sulfur gases and water, which make it easy for the moss to grow and reproduce. The same thing goes on with the red plankton near the cliffs. While they don't digest the sulfur gases directly (since they don't get direct contact with gas), they do digest the dying and falling moss plants, digesting their leavings in a similar manner and performing thermosynthesis to store energy.

Purpose / Function

The cliffs make up a big part of the resources of Kot. Magmer can grab all sorts of minerals from the walls of the cliff, starting with colorful dusty rocks that can be used to make hand paint, over half precious stones all the way to raw metal ores.

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