My Only Song

by Gu, the Silent Boulder

English Version

our lives are long
and deep my thoughts
about what comes
after i go

but worry not
since we are young
and our lives
are still not gone

this is myself
a magmer boy
i hope you like me
and we are two

Magmer Version

fu of bon onom
waga of bon of
da'utaga u
on abakak

bom dagol ro bon
u uvamuk u
fu of bon kon bom
dagol gogro

bon da'u bon u
magmor u ogar
f bon dudu u

Gu is a very analytical person - even more than the standard magmer. As such, his main interest is Philosophy and Exploration; since his wish to become an explorer after school. This song was written by him for the flirt fest, where he plans to present it to a bunch of magmer girls, to find someone who he is compatible with. There are already one or two favorites in his class...

The Flirt Fest is a ritual in Kot, where all magmer who are single have to present their art. The art is then compared to that of magmer from the other sex, to see if anyone thinks similarly.
The magmer have a very deep voice, which can produce some vastly different sounds to our human voice. The given audio representation is, for that reason, only a pretty amateur-like imitation of the magmer language.


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23 Jul, 2018 09:03

Out of curiousity, does this song have more than a basic rhythmic beat to it when played by an actual Magmer?   I'm not quite sure what to make of this article, but it's good work nonetheless.

23 Jul, 2018 09:09

An actual magmer only uses his belly as a drum as the only instrument besides his voice, although yes, a "life freestyle" version would probably have more rhythmic diversity.

23 Jul, 2018 12:11

This is a great article and I love that you've gone to the effort to make the actual music and song. Well done!   I'm curious about the syntax and language of the Magmer though, it seems like the 'english' translation is more of a loose approximation?

23 Jul, 2018 12:34

Yes it is indeed. For more about the magmer language, you can read my article about - duh - the magmer language.

23 Jul, 2018 12:35

P.S.: If you want my current full vocab list, DM me on Discord.

23 Jul, 2018 13:12

YOU ACTUALLY DID MUSIC FOR THIS! THAT'S AWESOME! I approve :D The song is simple, but that perfectly fits the sort of age range mentioned in the Flirt Fest. Is this considered excellent in Magmer culture? Or is it not going to be viewed well by them?

23 Jul, 2018 13:16

The magmer appreciate the subjectivity of art and embrace it. While this piece is definitely not a masterwork, it is a piece that some magmer would adore and others would figuratively vomit over it. That's the appeal of the flirt fest: Finding someone who adores music with simple drum sounds and monotone singing rhythms in Gu's case.

27 Jul, 2018 20:11

Well done on getting this played on the stream!

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