Gu (the silent Boulder)

Gu (a.k.a. The silent Boulder)

Gu is about 2.40 m tall, which is just a tat taller than the average magmer. His arm and leg muscles are trained well. His skin is dark brown and would slightly remind our-world humans of mud.
His dark red-ish eyes give an unusually in-depth look into his situational feelings, which already made for one or the other embarrassing story. Gu is an emotional person, although he is less interested in arts than the normal magmer, but more in exploration and science.
Gu is the epitome of what the magmer would call "tofrur" (fire-like; warm-hearted).

Mental characteristics


Gu learned in the public school of Kot. He is finishing his school carrier at the moment. His aspired profession is that of an explorer. For that, he would need to start by wandering to the Wheat Sea in order to get some supplies, before heading to his desired goal: The unknown lands to the East of the Fire Ring

Current Location
Year of Birth
977 15 Years old
Dark Red-Brown, deep, large
2.4 meters
280 kg
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