The New World

1st of Fall, 992

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In the Fire Ring, a ring of six volcanoes near the hot sea, the Magmer live pretty peaceful lives. They live from the red moss and grasses that grow underground, as well as from the scale mice and moles that are specialized on exactly these grasses.   In the North of the Fire Valley, there is the Hot Sea. It has its name not without reason: The constantly active volcanoes of the Fire Ring push magma through the ground right into it, making it an ever-boiling body of water, covered by a mist so thick that it can sometimes hide entire Magmer.   To the Southwest of the Fire Ring, there is the Wheat Sea, named after the grand plants of wheat that naturally grow on its shores: They sometimes become over one meter tall!   Between the two seas, there is a land bridge to the West. It is guarded by the so called Mamnta (Magmer language for "Guardian"), a group of three mountains.   The Magmer are a people that has grown a skin so thick and dry, it is completely immune to earthquakes, pumice rain, sulfur (which is the most delicious smell on earth for them), the Hot Sea (which constantly smells like sulfur as well), and even magma (thus their name).