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- Meagrum

Human population Travelling through leads to Vigilantia and the Wild Lands The dozen or so human residents of this town are a bizarre bunch. Though they don't live anywhere near a major water source, they openly operate a cult dedicated to the evil machinations of a kraken. Perhaps because they are so ridiculous in their worship, which consists primarily of eating a diet entirely of fish and making what they believe to be 'kraken cries' at all hours of the day - a kraken has not actually blessed them with any of its powers, as it might do for real kraken priests. Still, the residents are happy enough believing that one day they will be delivered from the drudgery of day-to-day life by the power of the kraken. Until then, they scorn outsiders yet are still, for some reason, amenable to trading with them. IDEALS: To an Unthertowian, everything pales in significance when compared with the almighty power of the kraken. Crude depictions of the fearsome beast adorn most doorways, and they take great offence if any travelers mock the various cheap shrines and poorly-made trinkets they have lying around. SERVICES: Despite being outwardly rude and scornful of outsiders, the residents of Unthertow actually have quite a few general goods which they will grudgingly trade if asked.

Owning Organization

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