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- Letovium

Human population Travelling through leads to Castamir or Dol Kuldir This swarthy human town, consisting of four large, square stone houses, is home to a dozen eerily quiet residents. Their outlook is entirely neutral, and they seem to care little about who comes and goes in their town. The reason, as persistent visitors may discover, is that the residents of Trennewick are devout worshippers of Chalsea, the goddess of peace and quiet places. They simply want to be left to tend the subterranean waters that flow underneath the town's surface. IDEALS: Trennewickians abhor violence of any kind, and luckily their heartfelt worship of Chalsea has not been for nothing: any attacks made in the boundaries of Trennewick instantly miss. Visitors that remain quiet and peaceful are accepted with a welcome that verges on kindliness. SERVICES: The residents of Trennewick are always surprised when folk ask for trade or other services as all of their own needs are supplied through their worship of Chalsea. Nevertheless, they do have a tradeswoman, Lillian, who can sell rations and other such general goods.

Owning Organization

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