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- Artuscum

Human and Halfling population Travelling through leads to Dol Kuldir This village is likely to be overlooked by the unobservant, given that its dozen houses are each little more than glorified dog kennels. Keen eyes will spot this for a halfling hamlet, however, and will know that such a place is likely to be rife with good ale, good food, and the best storytelling in the region. Those that investigative further will not be disappointed: the nearby humans are considered extended family. They are jovial and warm, gladly accepting outsiders who are willing to share in their quaint and peaceful culture. IDEALS: The halflings and humans value family and community above all things, and a slight to one is a slight to them all. They revel in the telling and retelling of stories and legends, many of which have been passed down through so many generations that they contain, unbeknownst to the halflings, the last recorded location of mythical items or the sole method for killing a powerful lich. Wise travelers would do well to listen to such tall tales - they may prove more useful than they seem. SERVICES: The halflings have a few spare general goods they are happy to trade with, but their main services lie in good company and excellent storytelling.

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