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The New World

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It is a dark age. A bloody age. An age of sorcery and turmoil.   It is an age of battle and death.   Amidst all the fire and fury it is a time, too, of mighty heroes, of bold deeds and great courage.   For time immemorial, the races of this world have struggled against each other among the great mountains, mighty rivers, dark forests and serene grasslands.   Though it was not always the case, a harmonious natural balance exists between the creatures of the wild and plantlife as well as the races of man, elf and dwarf. The allied kingdoms of Castamir, Quel Thalas and Dol Kuldir have stood as bastions of strength for as long as living memory can recall while also protecting the secretive cultures of the Halfling, Gnomish and Dragonborn.   At the heart of the New World, a national power has emerged. A country birthed by the union of all three allied kingdoms; Vigilantia. Known for its engineers, sorcerers, traders and soldiers, it is the land of opportunity where all peaceful folk can live free. A low crime rate, radically new thinking and magical protections entice so many to seek citizenship.   And who can blame them? It stands as the most civilized nation in the realm, and these are far from civilized times.   Across the length and breadth of the New World come rumblings of war. In the towering mountains that separate the various kingdoms, orc and goblin tribes are gathering for another assault. Bandits of renegades harry the unpropitious no-man’s lands. The dark borders of secretive Drakenmoore ease just enough for vampire sightings to noticeably increase. And from the eastern wilderness there is the ever-present threat of Skal Morgoth, where predatory mutants, savage tribes and foul beastmen are the only known things surviving within a wasteland of mysteriously corrupting magical forces.   As the time of battle draws ever near, this world needs heroes like never before.