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This section will be a source for information regarding the Third Realm. When referred to in a comparison, it is frequently called the New Realm but the terms are interchangeable. Each of the Mainstay Worlds will have individual sections so this is the section where all over-arching detail will be placed. Anything of a more universal or ‘realmic’ significance will be located here...


At the End of the Second Realm

    The Inundation brought an almost complete end to the Second Realm. Physically the Second Realm was consumed by the Mule's overarching mad plan for self-destruction. There is little to nothing left in aftermath. The Third Realm had existed alongside the Old Realm for some centuries. There was no congress between these two realms. Shadow existed in the space between the two existences.     In the Old Realm, Shadow was weaker than the main sequence of Powers. Pulled between the realms, Shadow gained its own momentum, whorling across the spanspace until it grew into full self-awareness. Crossing to the New Realm and filling it with its burgeoning Power, Shadow came into its potential. This was not achieved without a cost.     Nothing is achieved without a cost, even for a Power.     Shadow had to bring from its core being, a pair of spirits that would leave Shadow and operate independently of their source. These were two complementary pieces of the Shadowstuff that split as they were, were dissimilar yet combinative; at opposite ends of the spectrum, diametric opponents in all ways but drawn into one another due to their shared origin. Black and White. The Unknown and the Well. Push and Pull. Male and Female. They had only a single child. He is the end of time. He is named. He is Vaxus.     The Second Realm fades from view. From it, some few spirits great or potentially great have crossed the spanspace, to take up a place in the Third Realm. The distance is so immeasurable that most of these 'survivors' cannot comprehend how they have managed to cross over. As a last maliciousness on the Mule's part, his siphons have followed or proceeded their sources to the New Realm from the Old.     The New Realm is a place of newly born Powers. They are gathered at the outset in the Spectral Array. This is a loose federation of Colour. It is an evolving agglomeration, adding Colours to the Array as time moves forward. Attaching themselves to this base structure is the Wide Array. These are the servants and individuals that could become meaningful components to this realm. The chief agents of these are known collectively as the Spires. As they appear to come from all strata of the realm, the Spires range wildly in their level of strength. Some are most openly from the Old Realm. Others remain hidden as to their origin.     Colour appears to be a malleable thing but it remains to be learned as to whether it will become paramount or if it will be subjugated by other Powers.

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The Quadrangle Equation

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The Grey Plane holds many powerful pieces of the Realms' histories and their futures. One man has reason to think that there are other men who can turn the final days of the Realms' from their current paths...

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