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Interstellar Coalition

We, the representatives of the Veloran, Gothian and Holkoi peoples, and the Mel Custodianship, form this coalition in order to bring peace to the galaxy. We won't stay on the side while aggressors bring war, violence and death to the universe.
— Preamble to the Coalition Charter


The Interstellar Coalition is a loose organization of galactic powers that want to oppose the Kralls. The most important body within the coalition is the Coalition Fleet Command (CFC). The CFC is located on a super-battleship "Peacebringer", which was built together by all members of the Coalition. The Peacebringer flies around coalition space. That way no member is favoured. There is no one leader of the Coalition. The CFC is indepedent from all member states and can have its own foreign policy. However, it is customary for the CFC to consult member states before taking any action.
The second body of the coalition is the Coalition Council. The council isn't a permament body, but a cyclic meeting of heads of member states. During these meetings the course of the coalition for the next period of time is decided. Meetings of the Coalition Council also take place aboard the Peacebringer. Associate members of the coalition are allowed to take part in the council meetings, but can't vote.

Public Agenda

Coalition's goal is to keep the Krallan Empire in check. Leaders of the member states believe that if left unchecked Kralls would ravage the galaxy in an endless war. Krallan invasions of primitive worlds, such as Earth, confirm their suspisions. The Interstellar Coalition promotes also peaceful coexistance and cooperation instead of violence. That ideology is partially influenced by Veloran belief that they were chosen by the Elders as galactic guardians of peace.


When the Coalition Fleet Command calls member states to action they are obliged to provide spaceships and troops to the Coalition Fleet. Until the end of the conflict or operation for which the Fleet was called the CFC has total control over it. When the operation ends the command of the spaceships and troops comes back to the member states. During peacetime the CFC has only the Coalition Space Patrol (CSP) under its command. The CSP is made up of 5 flotillas of corvettes and patrol ships which are stationed throughout the territories of the member states.


The direct reason to form the Interstellar Coalition was the Incident at Hun, a star system on the border of Gothian Stratocracy and Krallan Empire. The system was uninhabited, but Gothians had a few automated mining stations in the asteroid belt. A Krallan spaceship flew into the Hun system and disabled a Gothian transport ship. The crew was taken hostage.
Gothians, however, were able to sent a distress signal. It was answered by a Gothian destroyer and a Mel survey ship. Both ships arrived quickly at Hun. Krallan captain said that he would destroy the transport ship if Gothians or Mel tried anything. Gothians couldn't risk death of their own people and the Mel ship was almost without weapons. The Gothian captain attempted to negotiate, but failed.
This is the GSTS Lugii. We are under attack by a Krallan vessel. Any friendly ship in range please help us
— Distress signal

The situation was resolved only when a Holkoi cruiser and a Veloran destroyer arrived in the system. Those ships also answered the distress call, but were much further. The Holkoi managed to block Krallan sensors which allowed Gothians and Velors to send teams to the transport ship. When the crew was safe, all ships fired a series of warning shots which forced Kralls to leave the system.p
Leaders of Velors, Gothians, Holkoi and Mel agreed that Kralls became much more aggressive and the galaxy needs a counterbalance to their power. Not long after the Incident at Hun the Coalition Charter was signed during a summit on Prometheia, the Veloran homeworld.
About 50 years have passed since the formation of the Coalition and there is still the need for it. The recent Krallan invasion of a primitive planet, Earth, and enslavement of Humans have forced the Coalition to go to war with the Krallan Empire.
Political, Alliance
Alternative Names
The Coalition, IC
Organization Vehicles

Members of the coalition


Associate members

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